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Max BEAD ANGLE 120˚, Super Top Coat.

Impressive Performance AQUA SHIELD ‘MAX’ focuses on easy construction and performance Shortcomings of polysiloxanes base coating agents are transformed to strength such as ‘convenience’ and ‘moderate price’ through contrarian ideas. AQUA SHIELD ‘MAX’is strongly recommended for customers who value durable water repellency and a sensation of sleekness. It can be appropriately used as a top coat on the hardness-based coating agents such as EVO. It is recommended for construction stores that have not converted from detailing to polishing and coating. It suggests a solution to attract customers who are mesmerized with fantastic workability and performance.


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Why MAX.

Top Coat for All

Meet MAX, the ultimate top coat that takes your ceramic coatings, including graphene coatings, to a whole new level. MAX isn't just another hydrophobic solution; it's a game-changer that redefines convenience and performance in the world of coatings.

Unmatched Hydrophobicity

MAX is the epitome of super slick and hydrophobic performance. It creates a water-repellent shield like no other, allowing water to bead up and slide off effortlessly, leaving your surface immaculately clean and dry.

Layer It Up

MAX is designed for versatility. It seamlessly layers onto any ceramic or graphene coating, enhancing its hydrophobic and glossy properties. This means you can supercharge your current coating, taking it to new heights of performance.

Innovative Performance

We've turned the shortcomings of traditional polysiloxane-based coatings on their head. MAX focuses on convenience and affordability without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to excessive costs and complexity – MAX simplifies your coating experience.

Durable Water Repellency

MAX isn't just about immediate results; it's about long-term performance. You'll enjoy durable water repellency that lasts, ensuring your vehicle remains protected against the elements for an extended period.

Versatile Applications

Whether you're using EVO or other hardness-based coatings, MAX is the perfect complement. It works seamlessly as a top coat, enhancing the existing protection and aesthetics of your vehicle's finish.


  • If you value both the durable water-repellent performance and the sensation of sleekness, MAX is your top choice. It's perfect for detailing and coating enthusiasts who seek a hassle-free, yet highly effective solution.

  • Not just limited to professionals, MAX is also ideal for construction stores transitioning from detailing to polishing and coating. It provides an enticing solution to attract customers who appreciate fantastic workability and unmatched performance.

  • With MAX, you'll witness the transformation of your vehicle's appearance. Its super hydrophobic and glossy finish deepens your paint's aesthetics, making it shine like never before. MAX doesn't just protect; it enhances the overall beauty of your prized possession.