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POLY SHIELD 'MOD' is primarily applied to fender moldings, carbon fiber finishes, rubber, and various plastic components. When used for engine bay coatings or exterior maintenance, it provides approximately 12 months of effective protection with a straightforward application process. POLY SHIELD 'MOD' represents a genuine solution that meets the needs of both automotive detailing shops and their customers, delivering exceptional results without added complexity.


  • Follow the standard preparation before coating: decontaminate and apply BOLA P45 panel prep to ensure the surface is completely clean.
  • BOLA MOD protects and restores faded plastic trims. This flexible coating can also be used on rubber finishes.
  • Apply in straight lines and allow BOLA MOD to cure for 1-2 minutes before wiping down and evening out the product to eliminate any high spots.
  • It can be layered in 1-2 hours and is rain-ready in 24 hours.


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Why MOD.

Unrivaled Hydrophobic Properties

MOD Poly Shield is engineered with an exceptional hydrophobic formula that effortlessly repels water and moisture. Experience the satisfaction of water droplets effortlessly gliding off treated surfaces, leaving your vehicle looking pristine even in wet conditions.

Comprehensive Surface Protection

MOD Poly Shield offers complete protection for a wide spectrum of surfaces, ranging from vehicle plastics and trims to rubber elements, headlights, carbon fiber enhancements, and intricate moldings. Regardless of the material, MOD Poly Shield ensures all surfaces are shielded.

Innovative Ceramic Technology

Our state-of-the-art ceramic formulation establishes a resilient and long-lasting bond with treated surfaces. This bond creates a robust protective shield that guards against UV rays, environmental contaminants, road debris, and the everyday wear and tear of driving, preserving your vehicle's stunning appearance.

Striking Aesthetic Enhancement

MOD Poly Shield doesn't just protect; it elevates aesthetics. Revel in the captivating enhancement of gloss and depth on your vehicle's surfaces. Stand out on the road with a head-turning finish that reflects your commitment to excellence.

Exceptional Durability

MOD Poly Shield is designed to outlast and outperform. Say farewell to frequent reapplications, as our ceramic coating is engineered for long-lasting resilience, ensuring your vehicle maintains its showroom-worthy condition.

Effortless Application

MOD Poly Shield's user-friendly application process is designed to cater to both automotive professionals and enthusiasts. Achieve professional-quality results without the hassle, making your vehicle enhancement journey enjoyable and rewarding.

Versatile Application

MOD Poly Shield suits a diverse range of vehicle types, from high-performance sports cars to rugged SUVs and ATVs and timeless classics. Regardless of your vehicle's make or model, MOD Poly Shield is the ideal choice for all automotive aficionados.


  • Elevate your vehicle's protection and aesthetic appeal to unprecedented levels with MOD Poly Shield. Designed for the discerning automotive enthusiast, MOD Poly Shield is a cutting-edge ceramic coating meticulously crafted to safeguard and enhance various vehicle elements, including plastics, trims, rubber surfaces, headlights, carbon fiber accents, and intricate moldings.

  • Experience the future of automotive protection and aesthetics with MOD Poly Shield. Whether it's the relentless hydrophobicity, comprehensive surface safeguarding, or captivating visual enhancement, MOD Poly Shield has it all. Drive with confidence, drive with MOD Poly Shield—where hydrophobicity meets durability for an extraordinary automotive journey. Choose excellence today.

  • A simple wipe on and wipe off application will make any DIYer turn PRO.