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Experience the 'EVO' Evolution

Pure Shield 'EVO' represents the pinnacle of ceramic coating technology, taking all the exceptional elements of Pure Shield STD and elevating them to unprecedented heights. If you demand nothing but the best for your vehicle, 'EVO' is the ultimate choice, delivering unparalleled gloss, durability, and protection that lasts up to an astounding 7 years.


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Why EVO.

Supreme Hydrophobicity

Pure Shield 'EVO' continues the legacy of incredible hydrophobic performance. Water slides off effortlessly, leaving behind a flawless, dry surface that sparkles with perfection.

Gloss Beyond Compare

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary gloss that 'EVO' imparts on your vehicle. It creates a mirror-like shine that reflects the world around it, elevating your car's appearance to a level of unmatched beauty.

Durability Redefined

'EVO' isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution in longevity. With a remarkable lifespan of up to 7 years, you can enjoy long-lasting protection and beauty that defies the test of time.

Scratch-Resistant Excellence

Pure Shield 'EVO' maintains an exceptional resistance to scratches and blemishes, ensuring your paint stays pristine and flawless.

Self-Healing Magic

Like its predecessor, 'EVO' possesses self-healing properties, mending minor imperfections and preserving the impeccable finish you desire.

Versatile Applications

EVO isn't limited to cars alone. Extend its superior protection and gloss to gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces, giving your boats and recreational vehicles the same level of excellence.

Unyielding Chemical Resistance

Confront the harshest of road salts and the most challenging winter conditions with confidence. EVO stands as a formidable barrier against chemical aggressors, offering unbeatable year-round protection.


  • Pure Shield 'EVO' isn't just an improvement; it's a transformation. When you choose 'EVO,' you're choosing an entirely new standard of beauty, durability, and protection for your vehicle.

  • Indulge in the depth of gloss that turns heads and leaves onlookers in awe. With a lifespan of up to 7 years, 'EVO' ensures that your vehicle remains a shining symbol of excellence, even in the face of time and adversity.

  • Experience the future of ceramic coatings with Pure Shield 'EVO.' Elevate your vehicle to new heights of brilliance and resilience, preserving its beauty and integrity for years to come. Choose 'EVO'—where excellence evolves into perfection.