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Experience the road like never before with YPR, the cutting-edge ceramic coating that takes your driving safety to the next level. YPR is your secret weapon against rain, ice, and snow, delivering unrivaled hydrophobic performance that ensures crystal-clear visibility in any weather condition.


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Why YPR.

Super Hydrophobic Power

YPR is engineered to repel rain, ice, and snow like a champ. Watch in amazement as raindrops simply slide off your windshield at speeds of up to 60km/h, leaving your line of sight clear and unobstructed.

Long-Lasting Protection

With YPR, you get the peace of mind of long-lasting results. Our advanced formula provides up to 1 year of continuous protection, so you can enjoy superior clarity season after season.

UV Protection

YPR not only enhances visibility but also acts as a shield against harmful UV rays. Protect your vehicle's glass surfaces from sun damage, preserving their clarity and longevity.

Rock Chip Resistance

Say goodbye to worries about small rock chips. YPR adds an extra layer of defense to your windshield, helping to guard against minor impacts and maintain a flawless appearance.

Versatile Application

YPR is not just for windshields. You can use it on side-view mirrors, side windows, and rear glass, ensuring that your entire vehicle benefits from its hydrophobic and protective properties.


  • On rainy days or during winter's icy grip, YPR stands by your side, providing unparalleled visibility that's essential for safe driving. Say goodbye to obscured vision, and confidently navigate through adverse weather conditions.

  • Upgrade your driving experience with YPR and enjoy the breathtaking feeling of raindrops disappearing from sight while benefiting from its year-long durability and comprehensive glass protection.

  • Don't let poor visibility be a hindrance; choose YPR today and drive with confidence, rain or shine!