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W55: The Ultimate Wheel and Tire Browning Remover.

W55 isn't your ordinary wheel and tire cleaner; it's a powerhouse solution that takes your tire and wheel cleaning to a whole new level. Our advanced formula is specially crafted to work wonders on tires, effortlessly removing browning, dirt, and oils in a single spray. With W55, you'll witness the transformation as your tires go from dull to dazzling. Plus, it's safe for all types of wheels, including chrome, aluminum, painted, and powder-coated surfaces, as well as brake calipers and carbon ceramic rotors.


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Why W55.

Tire Revitalization

W55 is tire magic in a bottle. As soon as you spray it on, you'll witness the remarkable transformation as it removes browning, dirt, and oils, leaving your tires looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Wheel Versatility

Beyond tires, W55 is safe for all kinds of wheels, making it a versatile choice for wheel cleaning. Whether you have chrome, aluminum, painted, or powder-coated wheels, W55 gets the job done flawlessly.

Brake Caliper and Rotor Safe

W55's gentle yet effective formula ensures it's safe to use on brake calipers and carbon ceramic rotors, giving your entire wheel assembly the attention it deserves.

Perfect Prep for Coatings

For those looking to apply coatings like TIRE ESSENCE or DEG Rim ceramic coatings, W55 serves as the ideal preparation step, ensuring maximum adhesion for your chosen coating product.

  • W55 is the choice for those who demand the best for their tires and wheels. Its powerful formula revitalizes tires and effortlessly cleans wheels, leaving them looking as good as new.

  • Rediscover the true beauty of your tires and wheels with W55. Say goodbye to browning and grime, and hello to a fresh, clean look that enhances the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

  • Choose W55 and elevate your wheel and tire care to a whole new level. Whether you're a car enthusiast, detailing professional, or someone who values a pristine finish, W55 is your key to excellence without compromise. Turn every cleaning session into a transformation with W55—where brilliance meets convenience.