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The Ultimate SiO2 Infused Tire Conditioner and Protector

T47 isn't just a tire conditioner; it's a game-changer for your tires and rubber surfaces. Infused with SiO2 technology, T47 goes beyond the ordinary to provide a satin/matte finish that exudes a mature OEM look. But it doesn't stop there—T47 offers lasting protection, hydrophobicity, and conditioning for your tires and rubber, ensuring they stay supple, crack-free, and bead beautifully for months to come.


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Why T47.

SiO2 Infused Brilliance

T47's SiO2 infusion takes tire conditioning to the next level. It not only provides a sleek satin/matte finish but also offers superior protection that mimics the sophistication of an OEM look.

Long-Lasting Performance

T47 doesn't just look good; it performs exceptionally well. It provides up to 3 months of protection, with hydrophobic properties that keep water beading even through multiple washes.

Versatile Application

T47 isn't limited to just tires; it's ideal for other rubber surfaces too. Use it to protect and achieve high beading angles on various rubber components.

Suppleness Preservation

T47 goes the extra mile by conditioning rubber surfaces. It helps retain their natural suppleness, preventing the dreaded hardening and cracking that can occur over time.

  • T47 is the choice for those who demand the best for their tires and rubber surfaces. Its SiO2 infusion provides both elegance and durability, giving your tires and rubber a mature, OEM-like finish.

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with T47's long-lasting protection and hydrophobicity. Your tires will continue to bead water beautifully, even after multiple washes.

    Say goodbye to the worries of rubber aging. T47's conditioning properties ensure that your rubber surfaces stay supple and crack-free, preserving both their aesthetics and longevity.

  • Choose T47 and elevate your tire and rubber care to a whole new level. It's more than just a conditioner; it's a statement of excellence and longevity. Embrace the beauty and protection of your surfaces with T47—where sophistication meets endurance.